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10 Recruiters Who Should Be On Your Radar #SundayShoutOut

10 Recruiters Who Should Be On Your Radar #SundayShoutOut

I've decided its time to revive my #SundayShoutOut series, when I highlight someone, or some people who I think deserve a hat tip either for great work, or just for being a great person. This week I want to highlight 10 folks who work either in or around recruiting who should be on your radar if you have any interest in recruiters, recruiting or just for great content. In the interest of transparency, this is how I compiled the list:

> The names are listed 1 - 10 in no particular order. Number 1 is no better than number 10, or 3, 5 or 7.

> I have applied no algorithms or formulas in compiling the list. This is pure opinion.

> This is a list of people I respect and admire, and think should be on your radar, not are probably on your radar. I have left out those with well established brands and following because you probably already know them. If you are not on the list and you know me well, that's probably because you are already famous. (I'm thinking Glen Cathey, Lars Schmidt, Will Staney etc etc). Please don't get humpy and leave me off your list.

> This is not a list of recruiters, its a list of recruiters AND people who work in and around recruiting.

> All names on the list are people I've met on my travels (except one who I know well.), usually at #tru events, and they stood out in my memory.

1) Amy Ala - Staffing consultant at Microsoft in Seattle. Ala is a bundle of energy and a recruiters recruiter. Usually found blogging over at Recruiting Blogs. A good knowledge of squeezing the most out of the data hidden in the ATS.

2) Kay Kelison - Kelison is a principal sourcer at Group on, with a previous background at Microsoft and tMobile. Whilst Kelison is well known in the inner sourcing circle, her work deserves a wider audience, with great knowledge in diversity, communities, mobile, social media and the general recruiting community.

3) Danelle DiLibero - DiLibero is one of two recruiters I have included from the brilliant RMS team, who do some of the most innovative work in the sector, and a particular focus on candidate experience. DiLibero manages graduate recruitment at RMS, is sassy, with plenty of good stuff to say.

4) Bethan Davies - Davies heads up recruiting in EMEA and APAC for RMS. Davies has led the way in introducing video in to the recruiting process, and putting the candidate at the centre of the hiring process.

5) Saul Whitton - Whitton is a Director of Recruiting for commercial sales and enterprise at Sales force in EMEA. You won't see a lot of content from Whitton, he is too busy recruiting, but he has real hands on experience of integrating social in to recruiting, and high volume sourcing.

6) Derek Zeller - Zeller stood out in my memory because he is one of the few people I have met with real experience of sourcing government contractors with a high level of security. These folk, inevitably, are hard to find, and do their best to stay in the shadows. Zeller is also something of a social media expert, navigating his way through the new landscape of unstructured social data.

7) Celinda Appleby - Appleby is the global digital programs manager for HP. Appleby moved from direct sourcing in to digital marketing for talent acquisition. Appleby is making sense of social media, and employment branding without too much fluff and tree hugging. I'm a big fan.

8) Jeff T Moore - Moore is the channels lead for diversity and leadership sourcing at Google in Palo Alto. I first met Moore when he headed up engineering hires for the East Coast, before spending 10 months as the global head of talent acquisition at Trip Advisor, before returning to the Googleplex. Moore is a humble man, dedicated to sharing and making recruiting better. He is well worth following.

9) Kevin Blair - Blair is the head of talent acquisition EMEA for Cisco. I first got to know Blair when he was working with Oracle, and I was brought in to introduce social recruiting, since then he has headed up recruiting for EMEA at Salesforce, before moving on to Cisco. Blair is pragmatic, not one to get excited about shiny new objects or cool for cools sake, but quick to recognise the hiring potential offered by the emerging channels.

10) Neil Garrett - I have known Garrett for quite a few years, having worked together at Primetime in my training days. I reconnected with him judging last years #CandE awards. Garrett runs talent acquisition at Carphone Warehouse, which gives him experience of sourcing and hiring at all levels. He is committed to candidate experience and making things better, whilst processing literally 1000's of applications.

Hope you found this list useful. Please add other names to comments. I will be continuing sharing other lists over the coming months. I admire those who are often too busy to blog or create the content that gets them listed as influencers. They deserve our recognition.

Hat tip to you all,


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