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It is ALL in the Intitle:Sourcer OR Recruiter

It is ALL in the Intitle:Sourcer OR Recruiter

So yeah I got to be one of the cool kids at Sourcecon in February. I was honored that Jeremy, Steve, and Ronnie wanted me to speak.  I have over the years joked about sourcing just being recruiting without actually having to speak to the actual candidate.  However I learned first had how this has not always been the case.  In fact it’s my opinion true sourcing has evolved out of what was recruiting. It is an evolution of the title, not the job.

Years ago when I first found myself in the world of agency recruiting all I had was a database, a monster account, a phone, and a fax machine (if you don’t know what a fax machine is you are too young to get this.) I was regaled with stories of how easy it was for us new recruiters. Back in the day we would stare at the fax machine waiting on a fresh resume to be sent over. It was how it was done. Email was still new and Monster/Dice were the only real on line databases other than the internal one we had. We just mostly used them to post the jobs we were looking to fill.  I learned about key word searches with a little yellow box highlighting the word I was looking for within the database search engine of a tool called Magellan. It was DOS based. That was the extent of sourcing for me. Type in a key word or two and let the machine find the resume. Then it was off to the phone and “dialing for dollars”. This was recruiting. This was not sourcing.  This is just what we did. It was not until a few years later that I learned by using Boolean phrases that there was so much out there to access and download not just from my own database but by job boards, websites, colleges etc. All this was done with key words and deductive reasoning. I mean a DBA is a DBA.

 A few years later I happened upon a blog called Boolean Black Belt by Glenn Cathey.  I was intrigued in the use of Boolean operators such as intitle: or the use of a negative - sign in the searches that he wrote about. Like me he was intrigued with internal database.  These beginning tools helped me narrow my search and retrieve resumes even faster both on line and in the database. This then allowed me more time on the phone with the right candidate. Oh, and make more placements faster.  

Let’s fast forward to a few years later. After a raucous good time being interviewed on the Recruiting Animal show I was contacted by Cathy Anderson.  She wanted me to speak with another legend in the industry Shally Steckler of the Sourcing Institute.   After an hour long conversation he invited me to Atlanta to attend one of his courses.  I was intrigued so I decided to attend.  I met in that class Ronnie Bratcher, Steve Rath, and Michael Gray. All I am happy to say are now good friends.  I can unequivocally say I learned more in two days with Shally then I learned during any semester in college. His insight to use different websites that I had never even known existed was awesome.

There was common string that I found interesting.  Sourcers were going out to FIND candidates AND engage!   Just like my days in the agency and corporate staffing I was not waiting for a resume to come to me I was going out to find the people. Wait isn’t that recruiting? In my opinion the old school sourcers who were called recruiters just got a name change.  That and some cool tools.  What I was learning was how to do my searches BETTER. Get it?  I know there are companies that have set up teams that only source candidates and hand off the resumes to an internal recruiter. I know because I did this for three years at BAH. I engaged my candidates, did a write up on them, and then subbed them to the Client Facing Recruiter (CFR) like they were my client, which they sort of were.  You see I just cannot for the life of me see a recruiter NOT source.

I reached the peak of the mountain and when I found myself at Sourcecon.  I was there to speak on sourcing and compliance as a Government contractor (the irony was not lost on me).  There I was sitting with my peers listening to some of the best in the industry.  I was going to Sourcecon after dark and participating in sourcing challenges side by side with Ronnie, Steve, Nicole Greenberg, Jonathan Campbell, and the irrepressible Jim Stroud sharing knowledge, tips, tricks and all things sourcing with my peers.   Not one of them told me that they did not engage both the client and the candidate. Some even looked at me like I was stupid for thinking that they would.

Fifteen years ago my title was a recruiter.  Fifteen years later I still say I am a recruiter.  So as to not upset sourcers I think we should differentiate ourselves by saying we are Sourcing Recruiters. There now, we have a new title to fight over and blog about until Sourcecon in Denver.  It not like there has ever been controversy about the title or what sourcers/recruiters do, right? #truestory 

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